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What To Do When AVG Antivirus Icon Went Missing

AVG provides both free and premium versions of its antivirus software to protect the computer from viruses and other malware programs. Usually, you can open the AVG program interface by clicking on its icon placed either on the desktop or in the Windows system tray. Sometimes, you may not be able to find that icon if it’s hidden or you have accidentally deleted it from the desktop. If the problem keeps continuing, it may be possible that your PC is infected by the malware that hides the AVG icon. In these circumstances, the best way to fix the issue is to consult the AVG customer support experts over the phone to troubleshoot and reinstall the AVG program.

Learn How to Repair AVG Antivirus If It Won’t Appear:
Solution 1 – Open the AVG Program

You can't see the AVG icon if your antivirus program isn’t working appropriately. Ensure that it is functioning or not by clicking the ‘Start’ menu, and then choose the ‘All Programs’ option. Find AVG from the list of installed applications and click on it to open the program. This is the simplest way to resolve this problem. Even if your antivirus program isn’t working, your computer is vulnerable to viruses, so it’s necessary to enable AVG back as quickly as possible.

Solution 2 – Check Notification Area Icons

If you can see the missing AVG icon in the notification area of Windows taskbar, it may be possible that the icon is hidden. If you find a small triangle beside the icons, then click on it and check if your AVG program is displayed as the hidden icon. If yes, then choose the ‘Customize’ option at the lower of the screen to display a new window. Locate AVG on the new screen and review the specific display option to the right of the AVG name. If it is set to the ‘Only Show Notifications’ or the ‘Hide Icon and Notifications’ option, then move it to the ‘Show icon and notifications.’ Click the ‘OK’ button to save the changes, and you see that the icon will display instantly.

Solution 3 – Restore Desktop Icons

If you’re unable to see the AVG icon on your desktop, it’s possible that you may have deleted the icon accidentally. At such time, you have to make a new desktop icon to restore the missing one. To do so, click the ‘Start’ menu, followed the ‘All Programs’ icon. Navigate to the list of the installed programs until you locate the ‘AVG’ folder. Click on it to enlarge it, and then right-click the AVG. Take your mouse on the ‘Send To’ option to expand the list of options. Choose the ‘Desktop’ option to create a new icon, and then see the desktop to make sure AVG antivirus created the shortcut icon.

Solution 4 - Repair the program

If you’re still unable to find AVG icons on your computer, it happens because of the incorrect installation or the corrupted program files. At such time, the best workaround you can try is to reinstall AVG antivirus. To do so, download the new version of AVG from its official website. Run the downloaded installer and choose the ‘Repair Installation’ option. Continue with the online instructions to repair the copy of AVG virus protection.

Solution 5 – Reinstall AVG

If it doesn’t work to resolve the issue, open the downloaded installer again and choose the ‘Uninstall’ option and follow the removal process to uninstall the AVG program. After making a complete removal, restart your PC and open the installer again to install the software again. You can also stop AVG Antivirus from blocking the file download if you’re facing difficulties in downloading the application or file over the Internet.

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